Audio Visual Entrainment

Our brains perform many functions at the same time which results in the use of multiple brain wave frequencies.  We have four categories of brain waves, defined by their frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.  Beta waves help people stay alert and focused for activities.  Alpha brain waves help us achieve a relaxed, calm state.  Theta brain waves are utilized when we are becoming drowsy and transition into light sleep.  Delta brain waves are used during deep sleep.

It is important for our brains to be able to shift in between the different brain waves when it needs to so we can function on a daily basis.  Sometimes our brains do not shift and we get stuck in a certain brain wave frequency.  This can result in a number of issues, such as hyperactivity, anxiety, disorganization, opposition, depression, poor sleep and too much mental chatter.

The use of audio visual entrainment helps a person to shift through and utilize the different types of brain waves.  Results will vary based on the program that you are using and what brain waves you are targeting.  Results can include increased attention span, reduced hyperactivity, decreased mental chatter, improved sleep, emotional flexibility, decreased anxiety, decreased depression and an overall better ability to function.  Audio visual entrainment consists of wearing glasses and headphones while lying on your back, with eyes closed, in a dark room.  Program types vary in length as well as audio and visual intensity.